Configuration Files

# Configuration file for Gamemode Change.
# For support, please join my discord @

# Should your gamemode get updated on join to the server?
  enabled: false
  # 0 = Survival | 1 = Creative | 2 = Adventure | 3 = Spectator
  gamemode: 0

  # Do you want to make it so people can't access gamemode creative unless they have the bypass permission?
  enabled: false
  # Do you want to block OP'ed players from changing to gamemode creative?
  blockOp: false

  # Do you want the notification feature of a gamemode change to enabled or disabled?
  enabled: false
  # Should you get sent notifications for the different gamemodes?
    creative: true
    survival: true
    adventure: true
    spectator: true

  # Toggle if your gamemode gets changed when you/a player dies.
  enabled: false
  # The gamemode you want players to change into if a player dies.
  # deathToggle must be set to true.
  # 0 = Survival | 1 = Creative | 2 = Adventure | 3 = Spectator
  gamemode: 2

# Do you want you can also do this to other players to be enabled or disabled?
hasOtherPermsMSG: false

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